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Looking to make your own part of heaven on earth and build a home? Do you want your own personally designed house for yourself? Looking for a piece of land to build on? Confused between several options and none seem to be affordable?

Come to Sovereignty Party to get the piece of cake that you like most and then eat it too. We are a company providing specialized house and land packages for yourself and your family. We operate in Australia and have an established customer base throughout the country.

New Houses

One of the services

One of the services that we provide our customers is new housing. These houses have never been lived in and are freshly built. The houses are completely furnished and are free from any faults.

Additional details

  • Bedrooms: 2.5
  • Built in: 2013
  • Parking: 2 spaces, 1 covered
  • Flooring: Ceramic floor, Carpet
  • Flooring: Ceramic floor, Carpet

Our services to our customers lie in the following segments:

We inspect the houses

But houses are not the only provision. We bring you the perfect land to build your own house on. But of course, you get to decide what you do with the land. All we do is provide you with what you are looking for for your project.


n addition to that, we also help you find the right houses to live in. our rental guides are considered one of the best in Australia and we do not shy away from helping you out when it comes to negotiations.

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The benefits of using sandstone tiles

Are you looking for flooring options for your home? You may have considered a number of tiling options. It is important to consider what would be well suited for your floors before going for a full on installation. As a homeowner your aim must be to go for a flooring which is aesthetic yet retains its classic look over a period of time.

In order to ensure that your floor looks perfect you can certainly consider using sandstone tiles. There are quite a few advantages associated with these kind of tiles.

Advantages of sandstone tiles

One of the most important advantages of using sandstone tiles is the beautiful look which these provide for your flooring. These are made from natural materials and therefore have a great deal of texture in them. Instead of a smooth and shiny look which is somewhat artificial, the natural texture of sandstone can bring about a certain depth to your flooring.

Sandstone tiles are also available in a variety of colors so that you can choose  whichever hue you want. You can even choose to go for a mix and match palette so as to enhance the overall look of your floors. When it comes to textures you can choose the grainy one or even go for a smoother finish for a more sophisticated look.

Sandstone tiles are very durable

If you are looking for a flooring option which is going to last for a long time you should definitely consider the use of sandstone tiles. These tiles are made from stone it is a strong material and can last for decades. Also it requires very little upkeep and maintenance. You do not have to worry about mending of floor every other year or so.

Sandstone tiles give a unique look to your floors

If you are looking for a flooring option which is not quite common a sand stone floor is your best bet. There are people who go for concrete flooring or marble or granite flooring. If you choose to go with sandstone you can be assured that it is going to present a completely different and distinctive look to your home. It has a certain rustic appeal which is quaint yet charming at the same time.

Sand stone floors are cost-effective

If you are on a budget and looking for a cost effective floor you should definitely consider investing in sandstone tiles. Not only do these offer aesthetics and durability but are also budget friendly. When it comes to using sandstone tiles as a floor, do not have to worry about dipping into your hard-earned savings.

Although there are certain advantages to using sandstone tiles these have a few drawbacks as well. The first being that the porosity of the sandstone allows it to absorb too much water. Therefore it is best to use this in the outside area of your homes and in places which are not prone to the splashing of water. When exposed to water these tend to be slippery and can also give rise to mold and bacteria.

Have your retaining wall blocks supplied by Kellyville Landscape Suppliers. They are a trusted name in the industry.

5 Key Benefits of Commercial Renovations 

When someone visualises growth of a business entity, there are different parameters to evaluate. One of these parameters is investment made on renovations. Besides office renovations are done to meet the needs of growth and development which are perpetual in nature. The quantum of investment in renovations is to be compared with the benefits accruing on account of this cash outflow. These benefits have immediate as well as long term impact on the business.

Customers Attraction and Satisfaction

With the passage of time the influx of customers in office premises increases. This increase in turn out of customers requires adjustments in the office to ensure that maximum is being done to add to the customers care. Renovations are undertaken to accomplish this primary objective. Customers have a feeling of pride that the business is investing for their comfort thus strengthening customer relationships. Renovations done to add to the comfort also result in an increase in the customer base. Thus, the plans by commercial builders adelaide are largely based on these aspects of attracting new and satisfying existing customer paving ways for a boost in clientele. A customer also gets a message about the future growth of the business because it is generally believed that such investment decisions will be made only if the enterprise is confident about its future growth. Improvement in the outlook of the office is a reflection of optimism of the entrepreneur and adds to the trust of the customers.

Employees Motivation

Renovations are also undertaken to make the working environment conducive.Time teaches better utilization of space for the comfort of employees. This can be undertaken with well planned renovations.The layouts in the renovation plans envisage increase in working space providing elegant workstations and storage for records etc. New furniture and lively envoirnment adds to the drive of enthusiasm for work increasing output.Some HR experts consider that making improvement in the working environment has more lasting impact as compared to financial rewards. Better Office chair or a cabin adds to the pride of employees adding to job satisfaction and giving motivation to the others to achieve.

Conserve Energy

Renovations also result in conservancy of energy reducing the energy bills. With the passage of time innovations and inventions are resulting in emergence of installations requiring less input of energy reducing the costs, for example switching over to LED lights. Similarly appropriate change in equipment requiring less energy can also contribute towards austerity.

Attraction for Recruitment

People seeking employment prefer organizations with better outlook. Ambivalence reflects professionalism of the employers.Offices with good renovations are considered to be aggressive organizations promising better future prospects. Elegance of the working environment creates a sense of satisfaction in existing employees and point of attraction for the prospective employees. 

Renovations are Economical than Replacement

Timely renovations result in delays in reconstruction or replacement. Budgetary requirements for renovations are comparatively less than depletion and reconstruction of existing structures installations and fixtures. Timely renovations add to the economical life of the assets thus reducing pressing need for reconstruction.  

After establishing the indispensable criteria for buying a land

After establishing the indispensable criteria for buying a land , we now see some useful tips to buy the most suitable space to build your new home.

Save or get a loan to be able to request a deposit.
In the latter case, the seller of the land may ask you for an amount between 20% and 50% of the total value of the property. Another solution is to apply for a specific construction loan or a home mortgage loan.

Decide the area where you would like to buy land.
This is probably the most challenging step of all and, if you still don’t know where you want to buy it, try looking for land online. Thanks to the web, in fact, you can get a more precise idea of ​​the types of properties available and their prices.

Mark the properties to be viewed on a map.
Once you have identified the properties to visit, mark the lots on a map so as to create a precise path of the land to see. This way, you can organize your visits more easily.

Get in touch with the seller and prepare a list of questions to ask them. For example, it would be advisable to ask him if there is a source of water, why he sells, if the services arrive, if there are restrictions or if there are already pre-existing structures on the property.

The cost of obtaining a well and then installing a septic system largely depends on the type of soil, and the final cost of ownership can vary considerably.

Look carefully at the land to understand immediately what you like and what not of the property you intend to buy. Check carefully if there are roads or rights of passage, identify the presence of possible wells and / or waterways and find the boundaries of the ground so as to immediately assess whether these are respected by the neighbors.
The neighborhood is another point to be carefully evaluated.

Get to know the neighbors and talk to them about the property and the area you are interested in. In this way you will have a more objective and disinterested vision of the land you are about to buy.
Get all the bureaucratic and tax information on the ground.

Before buying, check the last time the land was valued and at what price it was sold. Then check the cadastral map of the area: will the lands near yours be built or will they always remain low in development? Then ask what permits it takes to build and if, for example, there is any approved project in that area.

Check the property evaluation.
Generally a plot of land is paid per acre, therefore if the area is estimated to be 20% more than its real value, you will also pay 20% more than necessary.

Try to get an accurate picture of the boundaries of the terrain.
Most people believe that the boundaries of the grounds follow the stone walls and are perpendicular to the road. In reality, however, this is not the case because the borders are divided in the strangest ways and they can follow even very unpredictable lines. For this reason, ask the opinion of a geologist for an expert opinion and ask for the intervention of an expert to make the measurements. In addition, it will be good to have a lot plan released by the seller, in which these boundaries are clearly visible.

Make an offer to the seller.
If you have finally decided that the land you have chosen is the ideal one to build your new home, make an offer. Always offer the minimum possible but without discrediting the value of the land. The lower you stay with the price, the more you will have the opportunity to bargain in the event of a counter-proposal.

Finally, always remember that properties usually sell for 85% of their required initial value and therefore, with good bargaining, you could really make a great deal!

The Environmental Report of the Soil
A land is always inserted in a specific environmental context that influences it. To meet the need of those who want to know additional environmental information on the land in which they are interested, on Immobilgreen.it it is possible to request the Environmental Report of the Land (RAT) .

It is a relationship, with maps and data, based on national databases concerning geology , seismicity , landslide and flood hazard , climate , geomorphology and many other aspects concerning the environment in which a land falls. sell or buy.

If you have land for sale , you can add the RAT to your ad and make it available to prospective buyers to provide more information about your property.

How to choose the land to build a house

The ideal land to build a house: everything you need to know
Before suggesting how to choose your terrain , there are some important clarifications to make. First of all, it is important to know that the lands are not all the same, but are divided into two main types: agricultural and building . For the purpose of building a housing structure, the characteristic that distinguishes these lands is a factor called the building index.

Agricultural landAgricultural land
Contrary to what is commonly thought, building on an agricultural land (zone E) is not only possible but often also very convenient since its purchase price is far lower than that of a building plot . The reason for this convenience is all written in the building index of the land itself, which can vary according to the Region and the Municipality in which it is located.

This index generally stands at around 0.3 cubic meters per square meter of total land area. In practice, on a plot of 10,000 square meters you can build a house of 300 cubic meters (about 100 square meters). However, there are some precautions to follow when purchasing agricultural land, first of all to verify the presence of environmental constraints that could compromise the construction of your home.

Another element to pay attention to is the presence of ruins on the ground . Consider well the possibility of investing on a land with these characteristics because it is not always convenient, due to the small size of the ruin and the discontinuities between the existing construction and that of the new construction. In fact, even the simple realization of a foundation slab can be very expensive if in adherence to an already existing construction.

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